Kellie Rogers, Juicity Vapor franchiseOur founder Kellie Rogers is no stranger to the nightmare of trying to quit smoking cigarettes. For twenty years Kellie smoked two packs of cigarettes a day until she discovered electronic cigarettes. She was able to ditch her habit of smoking traditional cigarettes by making the switch to vaping. She opened her first Juicity Vapor store with the intention of wanting to help other people like her quit smoking. Then she started thinking scalability. She fine-tuned the build out, floor plan and identified tons of other location options for a Juicity Vapor store.

The Juicity Vapor franchise opportunity offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to picking where you want to open and operate your store. We make it easy for you to get started. Typically a Juicity Vapor is located in a shopping mall, strip center, office complex or a free standing structure.

We like to think outside of the box and get a little creative. Our business model is so flexible that you’re not limited to operating in a traditional location. You can even operate your store in a:

  • Casino
  • University
  • Military base
  • Convenience store
  • Or just about anywhere else

e-cig vapor market trendWe will provide you guidance when it comes to choosing a location that in our experience best supports a Juicity Vapor store. Once you choose a location for your Juicity Vapor store we will provide you with a LARGE protected territory. This means we will not operate or allow anyone else to operate a Juicity Vapor store in your designated area.

We are committed to teaching you how to operate a successful business. As a Juicity Vapor franchise owner you also have the opportunity to become involved in your community through different events you can hold at your store. For example you can hold a “Cloud Competition” which is a contest to see who can perform the best trick (such as smoke rings, shapes, cloud size, etc.) using the vapor produced by their electronic cigarette. You can also hold “Vaper Meetup” events for your customers to socialize. We will even teach you how you can turn these events into fundraising opportunities. Holding such events at your store allows you to not only give back to your community but also bring in new and returning customers.

Want to go BIG? After you open your first store you may find the demand is so great in your area that you want to open up additional stores. We provide incentives to our franchisees to open additional stores. We make it easy for you to be a multi-unit franchise owner.

Contact us today to learn more about your options to
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