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Are you looking to own a business and want something that is affordable, fun and easy to operate?

Are you passionate about vaping and want to be part of this exciting industry?

Are you someone who is committed to outstanding customer service?

vapor clean room, custom vape blends, franchise opportunitiesLook no further! Juicity Vapor might be the perfect franchise for you! There are many advantages to owning a Juicity Vapor store that make this a very attractive opportunity. As a Juicity Vapor franchise owner you will benefit from:

Literally THOUSANDS of e-Liquid Choices

Juicity Vapor has several proprietary lines of e-Liquid flavors (see below) and we are also known for how we make custom e-Liquids onsite. That’s right, as a Juicity Vapor franchise owner your customers can come into your store and pick from any of your hundreds of flavors to create their own unique combinations. For example if someone wants to mix vanilla with cherry you will be able to create that e-Liquid flavor on the spot. Or if they want to mix banana, strawberry AND blueberry then you will be able to make that happen. And if it’s not a common flavor your customers can give you an idea of what they want and using any of our HUNDREDS of proprietary pre-mixed blends you will be able to produce whatever their heart desires. How will you make this magic happen? Easy, your Juicity Vapor store will feature a “Clean Room” where you will have everything you need to mix e-Liquids resulting in TENS OF THOUSANDS of different flavor combinations.

Proprietary Products

In a world where there are plenty run-of-the-mill electronic cigarette stores, Juicity Vapor stands out because of the superior products you will offer to customers. In addition to custom making e-Liquids onsite, we have several lines of proprietary e-Liquid flavors that are exclusive to Juicity Vapor! Your customers cannot find these e-Liquids anywhere else. Whether your customer wants to pick from one of our proprietary lines or want to custom-blend their own flavor, they will have a plethora of choices.
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All the Services You Can Offer

You’re not limited to just selling products at your Juicity Vapor store. You will also be offering several onsite services to your customers so they do not need to go anywhere else for all of their electronic cigarette needs. Keep in mind, all of your products will be purchased from our preferred manufacturers, vendors and suppliers which will help eliminate challenges associated with substandard products. However in the event something does go wrong with one of your customer’s electronic cigarette products you will be equipped to offer onsite repair services. And it doesn’t stop there! It is not uncommon that certain electronic cigarettes feature a re-buildable coil system that will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Your Juicity Vapor store will offer onsite custom coil building and replacement services so your customers do not go elsewhere or to try to figure it out on their own.

Our Established Relationships

As a Juicity Vapor franchise owner you benefit from all of the different relationships we have created with manufacturers and vendors. Our relationships make it easy for you to order equipment, product and accessories for your store. Not to mention as a Juicity Vapor franchise owner you will be able to take advantage of our pre-negotiated rates and buying power. And let’s not forget that we have even created relationships with businesses all over the United States so that you can offer products and services directly to them and their employees in your area.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we care more about your success than nickel-and-diming you. We have one of the LOWEST franchise fees in the industry and we keep all other fees, which are minimal, low (see our Franchise Disclosure Document for details). We also don’t believe in tying you into a long-term relationship with us unlike our competitors. Mix into this equation the generous territories we give and you will see why becoming a Juicity Vapor franchise owner is simply a no brainer.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Our comprehensive training program teaches you everything you need to know such as how to:

  • Market and advertise your store
  • Attract customers
  • Merchandise
  • Price your products and services
  • Control your inventory
  • Custom make e-Liquids
  • Effectively hire and train employees

… And much more!!

Contact us today and we will be happy to explain all of this in further detail. 

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